In addition to being a real estate investing expert and mentor, Darcy is also a published author and online course instructor. Check out his numerous books & courses. At Hutton Radway we look at real estate education differently.

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Darcy's Books & Courses

What People Are Saying

“I’ve completed my in-depth read through of your book, and I want to reiterate what I had said before: you’ve got a great voice for this type of writing. Not only do you lay out the steps of what is a technically detailed process in simple language, but you also do so in a way that invites those with non-technical backgrounds along without being condescending. Really well done.” 

Christopher D. 

“I just read (and re-read) Darcy Marler’s book “Land Development as a Profitable Investment.” If you’ve ever even thought about putting your toe in the water of Land Development as an alternative to BRRRR-ing or Flipping, it’s well worth the read.”

Ray G. 

"This author knows of what he writes."

Garth C.