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In addition to being a real estate investing expert and mentor, Darcy is also a published author and online course instructor. Check out his numerous books. Darcy looks at real estate education differently.

Buy the eBook or Paperback copy of one of the books, click the 'Amazon' button below. 

Darcy has created an exceptional online video course on "Residential Land Development as a Profitable Investment". For more details on that, and to register for an informational Webinar, click the button below. 


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What People Are Saying

“I’ve completed my in-depth read through of your book, and I want to reiterate what I had said before: you’ve got a great voice for this type of writing. Not only do you lay out the steps of what is a technically detailed process in simple language, but you also do so in a way that invites those with non-technical backgrounds along without being condescending. Really well done.” 

Christopher D. 

“I just read (and re-read) Darcy Marler’s book “Land Development as a Profitable Investment.” If you’ve ever even thought about putting your toe in the water of Land Development as an alternative to BRRRR-ing or Flipping, it’s well worth the read.”

Ray G. 

"This author knows of what he writes."

Garth C. 

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