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Merging Land Development Micro-Strategies with Your Rental Portfolio 1 of 4

We often talk about the exit strategy of our Land Development Micro-Strategies being selling the lot to a builder or building the new 4 plex yourself and then selling that to an end user. But what if you want to keep your development projects in your rental portfolio? With this video we start a 4 part series that talks about how to integrate these Land Development Micro-Strategies into your Rental Portfolio and profit from that.

Land Development is poised to be THE NEXT big thing in Real Estate Investment. As a result, Darcy created this amazing online course, "Residential Land Development as a Profitable Investment." Want to know more about Land Development and this great course. Click here to register for Darcy's next webinar.

For more information about our Residential Land Development course click on this link

Join Darcy's public Facebook Group - "Residential Real Estate Development." This group has been created as a place for Real Estate Investors (who probably have a bit of experience in rentals or flips) and are interested in getting into Property Development and New Construction, to ask questions, network, and grow together.

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If you want to book a chat with Darcy to find out more. Darcy also does 1-on-1 mentorship. If you want to discover how to scale your Real Estate investing Darcy can really help with that.

Darcy is also an author of 4 Real Estate Investing books. Click here to purchase his books.

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