Comparing Real Estate Strategies - PDF Version

Do you want to succeed in Real Estate Investing, but don't know how? Are you stuck? Are you looking for some guidance on how to define your future and develop a realistic plan on how to get there? 


People new to the industry tend to feel pressured to pick their strategy right away, and since 90% of the books, TV shows, and courses focus on flips, or BRRRR, or rentals, they tend to go into those strategies.  

However, I have discovered, from personal experience, that it is extremely important that your personality matches your real estate investing strategy. Just like it doesn't make sense to go into nursing if you can't stand the site of blood, it doesn't make sense to flip houses if you can't deal with nasty smells, or go into rentals if you don't like people. You need to get a sense of who you are first, BEFORE you pick a strategy or develop an investing plan.


I want this book to be truly transformational for you. 


If you have never invested before, I would recommend you give some real thought as to 'Why' you want to invest in Real Estate. Then give some thought as to your personality, your skill set, what you like, what your strengths are and what you are good at.  THEN pick a strategy to try.  


If you are already an experienced investor who isn't enjoying the journey, I urge you to do the same thing. Chances are you got into Real Estate investing and picked your strategy first. Now is a perfect time to pause, figure out your why, your skill set and personality, then review all of the strategies, and see if you are ready for a change. It is never too late. 


In this book we will discuss the major real estate investing strategies:


  • Fix and flips
  • Changing the use of an existing building
  • New construction
  • Parceling land together
  • Land development
  • Long-term buy-and-hold (i.e., buy something and rent it out)
  • Condo conversion
  • Commercial buildings
  • BRRRR (Buy / Reno / Re-rent / Refinance / Repeat)


This book will explain:


  • What each of these strategies are,
  • How people can make or lose money on them,
  • What the Pros and Cons are of each strategy,
  • What type of person is best suited for that strategy, 
  • What the pitfalls of each strategy are, and
  • Tips and advice from my actual real life experience.


I have been a full-time real estate investor since 2001 and I have personally, owned over 92 different properties with over 240 suites. From raw land to single-family homes to duplexes to fourplexes to apartment buildings from 6 units up to 21 units, I have owned a wide variety of properties.


But I wasn't happy. The way I was investing wasn't a fit for my Why or my personality. Once I figured that out I made some adjustments and now I am MUCH happier. Let me show you how to do that. 


With this book, you will be able to COMPARE THE STRATEGIES and make an informed decision as to what works best for you given your experience, the amount of money you have to invest and your starting point. Whether you are just getting started or have years of experience, everyone can benefit from the wealth of advice in this book.


If you are just starting out, don't make the same mistake I did. Don't just go into Flips or Rentals because that is what everybody else is doing. If you have some experience, and aren't enjoying your investing, it is not too late to make some changes. I did. 


Newly updated to 2021 !!


About the Author


Since 2001, Darcy Marler has had first-hand experience in almost every aspect of the real estate investing world, including land development, land parcelling, subdividing land, new construction, condo conversion, long term rentals, BRRRR, and fix & flips. Having owned more than 90 properties, with over 240 units over his investing career, Darcy is just the person to show you what is possible.


Let’s get started.


Table of Contents:

  • Fix and Flip,
  • Changing the Use of An Existing Building,
  • New Property Construction,
  • Parceling Land Together,
  • Land Development,
  • Long-Term Buy-and-Hold,
  • Condo Conversion,
  • Commercial Building,
  • Flip vs. Long-Term Hold,
  • BRRRR - A Super Strategy,
  • Closing Remarks,
  • Glossary,
  • Index.

Comparing Real Estate Strategies - PDF Version

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