Land Development As A Profitable Investment - 6 Week Online Course

Hutton Radway Real Estate Mentors is proud to provide this 6 week online course in "Land Development As A Profitable Investment", that will teach real estate investors who want to profit from Land Development, but who are not sure of their first steps, how to go from scratch to acquiring all the knowledge and confidence that they need to get a piece of land serviced and ready for a builder.


Once completed this one-on-one program will give participants a sense of confidence and self-assurance because they will have learned how to assemble an experienced team and put together a repeatable system that allows them to make money developing land, which is something I’m sure you all want to achieve.


After taking this program, you will have the knowledge and confidence to go out and develop land profitably, even if you have never done anything like this before!


Have you always wanted to develop land, but thought it took too much money? Or took too long? Or was too hard? Or you had to have construction experience? Or was only done by big companies? I can assure you that is not the case. 


In this program you will:

- Learn the details of the "Planning", "Design" and "Construction" Stages

- Learn how to locate and acquire a great parcel of land

- Learn how to build a team of professionals

- Learn how to finance your projects

- Learn how to complete small, medium and large projects

- Learn how to get start in Land Development with smaller jobs


You will then be in a position to go out and invest on your own - with confidence!


This program will be transformational for you. You will have your 'A ha' moment where you will realize, "I can do this."


Learn from my journey. Let me save you dozens of hours and potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly errors. You can do this. 


About the Professor


Since 2001, Darcy Marler has had first-hand experience in almost every aspect of the real estate investing world, including land development, land assembly, subdividing land, new construction, condo conversion, long term rentals, BRRRR, and fix & flips. Having owned more than 90 properties, with over 240 units over his investing career, Darcy is just the person to show you what is possible. 

Land Development As A Profitable Investment - 6 Week Online Course

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