One-on-One Real Estate Mentoring, With A Mentor with 20 Years of Experience, Creating a Program Custom Made for You and Your Goals. We look at Real Estate Education differently. 

I help people who want to succeed in Real Estate Investing, but don't know how. My clients are stuck. They are looking for some guidance to help them define their future and develop a realistic plan on how to get there. They are looking for somebody with experience to work with them as they complete their first deal, and are looking for a one-on-one mentorship program; not a group session. 

Let me help you advance to the next level. With detailed training in any of the real estate strategies available - especially Land Development, Land Subdivision, Land Assembly, New Construction, or Condo Conversion. 

This is all about you and your family. You and your goals. You and your future. I am just here to help you cross the bridge to that future. 



1) Your Personality Needs to Match Your Real Estate Strategy - 6 Week Mentorship Course

2) Land Development as a Profitable Investment - 4 Month Mentorship Course

3) New Construction as a Profitable Investment - 4 Month mentorship Course


I have 20 years of extensive, hands on experience investing my own and joint venture partner's money in Land Development, New Construction, Condo Conversions, Land Subdivision, Land Assembly, Fix-&-Flips, Long Term Rentals, Multi-Family, and BRRRR. With projects large and small. In that time I personally owned 92 properties with 240 units worth $44 million. Plus, I have written 4 books on real estate investing. 


Click the big, pink "Book A Chat" button on this page. Let's get to know each other better. I can't guarantee that this program is a fit for everybody, but let's get on a zoom call to see if it can work for you.  

What People Are Saying

"Finding Darcy was a godsend! I was extremely drawn to Darcy’s years of experience in real estate doing all of the different strategies from flips to land development. That’s a rare find in any investor!"

Alice M. 

“Darcy has a diverse set of skills and a creative approach. He has become a valued and respected part of our business family.”

Jenn M.