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Whether From His Mentorship Clients, His Book Readers or As A Podcast Guest, Here Is What People Are Saying About Darcy 

Conrad F.

“Darcy’s experience is invaluable, and he readily shares that with those around him. I highly recommend Darcy as a business partner and / or service provider.”


Alice M.

“My name is Alice, I’m from Toronto. I started investing in real estate almost a decade ago. I mainly buy and hold single-family homes and multi-family apartments. Our portfolio has done quite well for us over the years.


I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I had too many options, which made me more confused and scared than ever. Quite frankly, I didn’t know where to go with my next investment. Within real estate, there are so many strategies: buy & hold, pre-construction, flips, BRRRR, then there is land development, new construction, commercial/industrial real estate and so on. The thing is, I could probably have done any of them, but would I be good at it? And would I enjoy it before committing 5-10 years of my life?


Finding Darcy was a godsend! I was extremely drawn to Darcy’s years of experience in real estate doing all of the different strategies from flips to land development. That’s a rare find in any investor! I thought, instead of me going down a path (i.e., commercial real estate) and hope for the best, why not evaluate all the options, and pick the ones that are best fit me?  (i.e., my risk tolerance, time commitment, long-term goals, expected returns and so on). I needed someone like Darcy to tell me what it’s really like to build new houses, or buy land, then decide if that’s what I really wanted to do.


Over the past 6 weeks, Darcy and I worked closely together. In each session, Darcy had a format he followed and as a bonus, he was always able to answer what was on my mind (often roadblocks or misconceptions) and give me lots of knowledge that reshaped my thinking.  


6 weeks later, not only was I able to fully evaluate all the strategies in real estate, but I was also able to narrow down the top 2-3 strategies that best suit me. What’s even more interesting is that from there, we were able to formulate a short-term plan and a mid-term plan that I thought was the least risky with great (if not the highest) ROI.  I now have a solid game plan for my real estate portfolio, my business, and my life. 


I would highly recommend Darcy to anyone who is looking for direction in their real estate investing.  Darcy’s method is easy to follow and easy to implement. Whether you are just starting out or have been investing for a decade+ like me, you will find Darcy has a wealth of knowledge and he will lead you to the path of real estate success that best fits you.”


Christopher D.

"I’ve completed my in-depth read through of your book, and I want to reiterate what I had said before: you’ve got a great voice for this type of writing. Not only do you lay out the steps of what is a technically detailed process in simple language, but you also do so in a way that invites those with non-technical backgrounds along without being condescending. Really well done.” 


Ray G.

"I just read (and re-read) Darcy Marler’s book “Land Development as a Profitable Investment.” If you’ve ever even thought about putting your toe in the water of Land Development as an alternative to BRRRR-ing or Flipping, it’s well worth the read.”


Loaei T.

“Your handout made me rethink all of the things in my life! I even made several big decisions to clear my schedule of future commitments to make time for REI plans.”


Jenn M.

“Darcy has a diverse set of skills and a creative approach. He has become a valued and respected part of our business family.”


Joel M.

“Darcy has been integral in pinpointing efficiencies and streamlining our existing operations while identifying new sectors.”


Tom & Vivian J.

“Darcy’s time with us provided us with many other possibilities for the future.”

Elizabeth Kelly

“Thank you so much for being a part of the webinar Monday night! 

It was a great event and you provided so much value for our attendees”

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