I work with Real Estate Investors, who are ready to move beyond renovations to projects that are more interesting, more lucrative, and don't require them to deal with tenants or swing a hammer. No more tenants, no more going to Home Depot every day, and no coming home with paint on your clothes. Work with New. You get to be creative and start with a blank canvas every time. Change the world, build communities. Buy back your time and your life. Spend more time with your family and live life to the fullest. Through online courses, books, and mentoring, Darcy shows you how to PROFIT from these amazing Micro-Strategies within Property Development! What got you here won't get you there. Let me take you to the next level. 

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Discover the "L.A.N.D. System for Wealth Creation using the Micro-Strategies of Land Development"


There is going to be a great need for building lots & housing units over the next few years as demand for housing reaches record levels. Whenever there is great demand for something you can profit by creating a supply. 


Is it time for you to switch from the rental and flip sandbox, to the land development or new construction sandbox? You CAN profit in Real Estate without Tenants and without Swinging a Hammer!

Join Darcy in an informative Webinar as he discusses the various Micro-Strategies within Residential Land Development that allow Real Estate investors of various experience levels and financial resources to PROFIT with this exciting investing strategy. It isn't just for big companies and you don't need construction experience.




Darcy Marler

Over the past 20+ years, Darcy has owned over 90 properties with 240 'doors', and close to 1000 tenants. In that time he has actively invested in: small, medium & large land development projects (he was even instrumental in getting a horse track and casino built, which he still owns a piece of), new construction (he has built 45 new homes), condo conversions, long & short term rentals, BRRRR, land assembly, and fix-and-flips. Darcy is also the author of 4 books on real estate investing and an online course on Land Development. 

With projects big and small, let this experience work for you.

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